Monday, June 3, 2013

I’m reviewing Fire Inside by Kristen Ashley

Fire Inside (Chaos #2) by Kristen Ashley
Contemporary Romance
June 4, 2013

Favorite Quote: “Every step, every breath, every second I lived on this earth, I’m thankful for, no matter how fucked up or whacked or hard or good, ’cause all that shit led me to you.”

Hopper (Hop) Kincade, a lieutenant in the Chaos motorcycle club (MC), knows some women are meant for nothing more than scratching an itch and leaving the next day. No harm. No foul. And some women are meant for much, much more. When Lanie Heron, best friend to the MC’s president’s wife, propositions him for one night of paradise, Hop knows this can not end well. Lanie has always been untouchable. Pure class and beauty. When Lanie flashes those bedroom eyes at Hop, he’s a goner.

Lanie Heron has been emotionally stagnant since almost dying eight years ago. One night with a sexy, rough, and ready biker is just what the Dr. ordered. Once Lanie gets a taste of heaven in Hop’s bed, she finds herself reluctant to leave anytime soon. But Lanie isn’t looking for love. She has discovered the hard way that love only leads to heartbreak and pain.

Hop knows Lanie is the best thing to ever come in his life and they could build a future together. He just needs to convince her of that.


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