Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I’m reviewing Yasmine Galenorn’s Night Vision by Smexybooks


Night Vision (Indigo Court #4) by Yasmine Galenorn
Urban Fantasy
July 2, 2013


Favorite Quote: “Life is often an illusion, Cicely. Illusion that is very real, very strong, but still-place the right amount of force on the right spot and it breaks.“

Night Vision, the fourth installment of Yasmine Galenorn’s dark and sensual fae fantasy, picks up right where Night Seeker ended.  Well-plotted and cast with characters that are strong and personable, Night Vision is filled with taut suspense, delicious intrigue, and dangerous antagonists. WhileNight Seeker was the turning point of the series; very physical and action packed, Night Vision is the emotional aftermath. Galenorn spends more than half the book addressing the emotional changes Cicely is experiencing as she takes her place as the Queen Of Winter.  We are taken deep into Cicely’s psyche as she struggles to overcome her fears of the future and her sorrow at what she is losing.  A strong storyline with captivating subplots further drives this story towards the finale as Cicely, her wounded prince, and an obsessed vampire all fight for what they want.

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