Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I'm reviewing Moria Roger’s Haunted Wolves at Smexybooks


Haunted Wolves (Green Pines #2) by Moira Rogers
Paranormal Romance
July 9, 2013
Samhain Publishing


Favorite Quote: “I feel like I’m home.“

Lorilei Adams was forced to take on a larger role when her pack was being terrorized by another pack. Having lost everything that meant something to her, Lorilei is physically and mentally tired and ready to give it all up to the alphas of Green Pine Sanctuary.

Colin has spent his life as an enforcer for the council. He was their judge, jury, and executioner against rogue wolves, but he never looked beyond the kill to the survivors. Exhausted and weary himself, he just want to rest.

Colin meets Lorilei and his protective instincts roar to the surface. Colin finds himself struggling not to just take what he wants. Lorilei is attracted to Colin as well but she only wants a physical distraction. Colin wants it all though and soon begins his uneasy seduction.

When an unknown and malicious magic begins to affect the residents of Green Pines, Colin and Lorilei must put aside their uneasiness and work together to discover the person(s) behind the magic. They soon find themselves in a malstorm where passion, lust, friendship, and responsibility all blend together and the final outcome rests completely on their shoulders.


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