Friday, August 23, 2013

Well, since you asked…

this is how we peel potatoes at our house


T-Put the potatoes on.


T-8 minutes in the microwave. When it beeps, take them out, prick with fork, if their not done, flip and put back in for 2 minutes. Remember to put water in the bottom. You got all that?

Me-Oh, you mean like I’ve been doing for 13 years? Yes, I think I got it.

T-Okay *bounces out of house*

10 minutes later

T-Are the potatoes done?

Me-Yes, but they are hot so I’m letting them cool.

T-Jesus. They are harder to peel when cold. Come here and I’ll show you how to do it.

Me-*mumbling under breath* I don’t want to know how to peel those damn potatoes.

Me-*whining* You do it. They always burn my fingers.

T- You need to learn. What will you do when I’m not around?

Me-I won’t eat skinned potatoes?

T-*tries to give me THE look*

T-See, take the fork and rake it over them.


T-Now flip them over and keep raking.


T-Move peelings to end of plate.

Me O.K.A.Y.

T- Now, you get one and try.

Me-I don’t like your tone, Mister.

T-See, rake the fork…

Me-Okay. I get it. Go away.

T-You’re doing a fine job.


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