Friday, January 15, 2010

I'm On Team Smexy

,book reviews I have been invited to be part of Team Smexy on Smexybooks. I am so EXCITED I can't sit still. Books are as much part of my life as clothing so this is a big deal for me. If you are a reader and haven't been by Smexybooks blog then you are in for a treat. Smexybooks is run by Mandi. Mandi is a funny, funny person. The books mainly reviewed are paranormal, historical and m/m romance and urban fantasy, but a little of this and that pop through. So go over and take a look. Read some reviews, join up and follow. You won't regret it. Follow Smexybooks and come back and comment here that your follower with your user name and I'll send you a code to get 15% off anything in my store.


Mandi said...

Do I get 15% off too? ;) (kidding!)

Have I ever mentioned that clothes and shoes are my first true love :) Srsly, you are going to get me into trouble..must flex the credit card :)

Gigi's Consignment Closet said...

Mandi-Sure sweetie.