Wednesday, January 20, 2010

WTH Wednesday

Its time to play another round of... WTH WEDNESDAY OooOooOoooOOo Ahhahhhahhhhahhh (that's my crowd cheer^^) Jessica Simpson. What if she falls over? Is someone there to left her head 'cause she could seriously suffocate in there. And WTH is this about her dating Billy Corgan? It's the large version of Mini Me from Austin Powers. Well...well...well Do you think Pat Robertson has a PR guy? Do you think his PR person secretly hates him? I do. I have this conversation in my head between the his PR person and Pat. Pat-Here is what I'll be talking about on the 700 club. PR Person- Ok, let's take a look Pat-I think I need to take advantage of the Haiti earthquake thing. My followers expect me to talk about it and then we'll all pray together. PR-Yeaaaaa. PR-Let's see. Haiti made pact with Devil-Niiiice. Brought it on themselves. Oh yea, I like that. Pat-I also think I need to bring up how God was punishing Americans when Katrina hit. PR- Oh yea. I agree. That will definitely make a big impression. Let go for it. On a more serious note. If you've already given elsewhere, know that I respect your generosity during this terrible disaster. If you haven't, please consider one of the following charities below:

American Red Cross Online: Telephone: Call 314-516-2782 or 314-516-2800 Text message: Text the word “HAITI” to 90999, and a $10 donation will be given to the Red Cross payable on your next mobile bill. Doctors Without Borders Online: Telephone: 1-888-392-0392 UNICEF Haiti Earthquake Relief Online: Telephone: 800-4UNICEF Food for the Poor Haiti Earthquake Relief Online: Telephone: 954-427-2222 World Vision Haiti Earthquake Relief Online: Telephone: 866-280-6587 Clinton Bush Haiti Fund Online:

Back to the circus. I do not understand the fascination we have with this woman. She's tacky. And no in a amusing "isn't she cute" way. Her "fiancee" od's and within 5 minutes she tweeting about. WTH? I admit, I like to tweet. But I'd like to think I would wait at least a couple of hours before tweeting about a tragedy. John Mayer. What a looooooooooser. "L" WTH? He says he keeps getting blown off by women in clubs and can't understand why. Hmmm....let's see why. In an interview with Rolling Stone he calls dating Jennifer Aniston the "worst time of his life", he pretty much claims that masturbating is only way he can function anymore, and feels that while he'd like to be with someone as intelligent as him *snort* all he really needs is a "vagina" to pitch a tent in and hang out for awhile. Gosh, he sounds like a keeper to me. Well that's it for WTH Wednesday. (I can't believe I said vagina on my blog. Sorry mom) Got a WTH you want to share? Let me know and I'll post about next WTH Wednesday.


Candice said...

I think most men function soley by furiously masterbating in their spare time. At least he admits it. ;)

Gigi's Consignment Closet said...

Candice-I know they do...but I like a little mystery in my guys. :)