Thursday, April 15, 2010

Companies That Pay It Forward

Often when I'm out shopping I really don't think about where my items are coming from or how they are made. As I have gone green, I have become more conscientious. There are so many products out there that "pay it forward" so to speak. Meaning that when you buy them...they give back to the community. The best way to determine if you are buying from a conscientious company is see if they are part of Fairtade. In the US, Fair Trade Certified™ food products carry the label of the US Fair Trade certifying body, TransFair USA. This label certifies that the farmer has received a fair price for the commodity. Here is just a small list of everyday companies you can buy from that are doing their part to help the small purchase at a time. (Product)RED I'm sure you all heard of the company (Product)RED. Gap did a HUGE ad featuring them 2 years ago promoting different products endorsed and designed by different celebs that were available for sale. (Product)RED was founded to combat AIDS in Africa. 10 brands with one goal. Every time you buy a (product)red brand that company will donate up to 50% of the cost to get life saving AIDS medicine to Africa. These products DO NOT cost anymore then they would normally. For example Starbucks. I know all you crazy people love Starbucks. For each lb of Starbucks red whole bean coffee you buy, Starbucks donates $1 to the Global fund. Each time you swipe your Starbucks red card they donate $.5 cents. Divine Chocolate Have you ever had Divine Chocolate? OMG the white chocolate is...orgasmic. *happy sigh* At the heart of Divine’s heavenly tasting chocolate there is a unique story. Not only do the Kuapa Kokoo farmers’ of Guana receive a Fairtrade price for their cocoa, but they also own 45% of the company, therefore have a direct influence over how the company is run and share in the profits from the chocolate. Laga Laga Handbags was started by Roy van Broekhuizen. Laga Handbags provides a place of peace, refuge and love for victims of disaster who are rebuilding their lives, one handbag at a time. These bags are beautiful!! All handmade. The women who make these handbags get a WELL above average pay wage that allow them to rebuild their lives and save for the future. Hello Rewind This new 7 VERY cool company makes laptops covers out if your fav t shirt. And by doing so they pay it forward in 2 ways. Hello Rewind takes your favorite old t-shirts that have lived out their useful life as clothing and turn them into a brand new product - a beautiful laptop sleeve. But they also have a special component to this business plan. The company finds not only new lives for a t-shirt but also, and more importantly, new lives for women in New York City who have been rescued from the sex trafficking industry.

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