Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mandi from Smexybooks says there are other things besides books?!?

Mandi from Smexy Books decided to pay me a visit today to try and convince me she has other interests besides books and Brandon.
*rolling eyes* What-Evah lol I KNOW you girlfriend.

There are other things besides books?!?

This will be shocking to hear, but I have interests other than book and Brandon Flowers. I know, I know! Crazy talk. I am love being a girl and dressing up and wearing sparkly make-up, but I also grew up in a household where sports was either being played or watched 24/7. So as an adult, I am obsessed with Raven's football and will pretty much watch any sport on tv. I mean, my dad can make a professional bowling match fun. I found some old notes I wrote to my boyfriend in middle school and each one started with the score of the baseball game the previous night. Ha! Good thing my boyfriend aka Hubs was into sports too :)

I also love to shop. I don't care if it is Target or NYC, I'm ready! My favorite store is Sephora. Does it get any better? Rows and rows of make-up, lotion, styling products. How does one choose what to buy?? Of course, being a stay at home mom, I usually walk to the bus stop in my pj's and I'm lucky to actually shower and get dressed to wear all of my pretty things, but I try.

I also like purses. A lot. I have an entire trunk full and I change the one I'm using at least once a week. I know it is cliche for a girl to like purses and shoes but I can't help myself. So many different occasions calls for different purses. Big, small, fall colors, spring colors. My mom made me one with half nekkid cowboys on it. I mean - the possibilities are endless. I used to be able to buy one, shove it in my trunk and pull it out later with an innocent face when hubs questioned if it was new. But he caught on..apparently I don't have an innocent face.

So there you go - I love romance books, Brandon Flowers, sports, shopping and purses. Oh, and Panera Bread. I couldn't live without their bread - true story.

You can find Miss Mandi at her blog-Smexy Books. You can also stalk her like I do on Twitter at @smexybooks.


Pamela "SpazP" said...


Fiction Vixen said...

Mandi, I have a confession. I am a cheap purse junkie. The cheaper the better. I know, I know.

Fiction Vixen said...

Oh and I once almost strangled a woman in Sephora. She sprayed me with perfume. Bitch was asking to die.

Mandi said...

We can no longer be friends FV.