Wednesday, August 11, 2010

WTH Wednesday- KC Likes Dudes who Rock the Guyliner

Everyone pooollleeeezzzeeee welcome the oh so lovable, ever popular KC from Smokinhotbook's!

KC's here to do her version of WTH Wednesday.
Take it away girl friend.

Ok, I admit it. I kinda had a major crush on Mr. David Bowie with this tight pants, big hair and guyliner. Usually I'm a au natural kind of girl when it comes to my online boyfriends, but this year I'm seeing more guyliner than Lindsay Lohan's court dates and I likey.

Dudes Who Rock the Guyliner What the Hell Wednesday

Jared Leto

Adam Lambert

Johnny Deep

David Bowie

Confess do some of your oneline boyfriends rock the guyliner?

You can find KC slaving away on her blog at Smokinhotbooks or you can stalk her on twitter at @smokinhotbooks


Mar said...

Prince rocks the guyliner hard! And the ruffle shirts. Rawrrr!

Jenny said...

Mmmmmm Johnny Depp. That man looks all sorts of sexy with guyliner:) Nice choices KC!

Anonymous said...

I've alllllllllllwayyyys loooooved Labyrinth David Bowie with the guyliner and ruffles and tights SEXY!!!

Smash Attack! said...

Love all of your choices! I gotta throw Brandon Flowers, Dave Navarro and Criss Angel in there! :D

Fiction Vixen said...

I'm not gonna lie, I love the guyliner. I'm not ashamed. Hubs won't wear it though.