Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My review of The Grimrose Path by Rob Thurman is at Smexybooks.com

The Grimrose Path (A Trickster Novel #2) by Rob Thurman

Favorite Quote: “Oranges and honey. It’s not only on you but part of you. I could lay you down in an orange grove Trixa and cover you in honey.”
“Then you would eat me and not in a way women usually care for.”

Trixa Iktomi is a trickster; a semi divine shape shifter being who is several thousand years old. Youthful in appearance and  dangerous in reality; Trixa “teaches” the naive to be wise and the shysters to beware. While Trixa will lie, deceive, omit, and generally cause mischief; she has a unique sense of right and wrong and gives only what is deserved.

She manages a bar with her best bud Leo-otherwise known as Loki- the original trickster. In the Trick Of Light-Trickster #1, Trixa and Leo hunt down an artifact and use it to extract revenge for her brothers death. Due to some mischief on Leo’s part, the artifact decided that some humility was needed and has made both Trixa and Leo “supernaturally challenged” for the next 4 years. All they have is their experience and wits to survive. Lucky for them, they have that in spades.

When Trixa is approached by Eligos for help in finding out who’s mass slaughtering the demons of hell she is naturally hesitant. Trixa lives to kills demons-not save them. But this is not an ordinary killer and Trixa will need all her skills and friends to stop this one. With Zeke, Gabriel, and a few new friends, Trixa’s response to the situation is astonishingly Machiavellian in it’s construction and confirms that she is indeed THE Trickster.


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