Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Smexy Books Review-Cruel Enchantment (Dark Magical Series #2) by Anya Bast

Favorite Quote:” How many times had he planned her death? How many weapons now hung in his forge that he’d crafted with the intention of using them on her? Mercy? He’d thought he had none for her.”

Danger Will Robinson!!! This does contain some light spoilers.

To help her race from being eradicated, Emmaline Gallagher must retrieve an object of fae power from a locked ancient box. Only Aeric O'Malley has the forging skills to create a key. But will their tumultuous past stand in the way?
Cruel Enchantment is an dark, exhilarating, sensual delight. Once again we are submerged into the beautiful devious world of the Seelie and Unseelie courts.  Well-plotted and cast with characters that are strong and personable, Cruel Enchantment is filled with tense suspense, delicious betrayal, and dangerous antagonists. A fascinating read that captured me at page one.

In Cruel Enchantment, we are introduced to Emmaline Gallagher of the Seelie Court. Emmaline spent her younger years as the most feared assassin of the Summer Queen. When she escapes the great sweep that imprisoned the courts and most fae in Piefferberg, she walked away from her past life and began to work with the HFF. Her mission? To convince Aeric O'Malley, the Blacksmith, to forge a magical key that will open an ancient box containing a fae artifact. The Problem? Emmaline killed his fiance and Aeric has vowed revenge. When Emmaline enters Piefferberg, Aeric is lying in wait for her. He ambushes her and spirits her off to his home.

Emmaline’s mission must be completed but Aeric has dreamed of having her in his power for hundreds of years and nothing will convince him to set her free. As Emmaline and Aeric begin their battle, striking blows with words as sharp as the finest crafted blade, you hear their memories and see that both were victims of extremely sadistic and selfish people. When old and new feelings emerge between them, Aeric and Emmaline must look to the past if they are ever to have a future. But Aeric isn’t the only one who wants Emmaline dead. Most of the Unseelie court has suffered in some way due to her dubious past and the Summer Queen wants her assassin back.

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