Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tempting Tuesday-The Allure of the 50s

The over whelming popularity of the tv show Mad Men is more then just due to fine acting. It's the fashion worlds love of anything 1950s. The 50's were exciting years in the world of fashion. Following the frugality during the war,  glamor was the light at the end of the tunnel. And the effects that Hollywood would have on the way that women dressed during this period would create a social phenomenon that no one could have anticipated. 

Prada 2011
Dolce  Gabbana 2011

Women were no longer shown as just being housewives, and although many remained faithful to the long standing image of the mother in the home, a certain element of glamor became not only the norm, but an acceptable part of life for women all over the world.

Designers such as Dior and Givenchy shied away from the traditional and embraced a new beginning. They introduced shapes that emphasized and flowed around a woman's shape, rather than the restrictive  clothing of the 40s. The fashion world was realizing that women wanted glamor but also wanted functional comfortable clothing.

Nina Rucci 2011
Louis Vuitton 2011

Music was not exempt from change either. The Rock 'N Roll era was to make a split in fashion styles, taking women away from the traditional to the Teddy Boy styles. Here- teased hair, tight capri's, and sexy heels hair became popular with younger women.

Guess Marchino 2010 Collection
This was a era that would trend for the next 20 years, setting the standards of fashion that are used to this day. We will forever admire the stars and designers of this glamorous era and the impact they had on society's perception of what women should look like and what style they should wear.

*photos are courtesy of trendhunter.com & thefashionspot.com.