Friday, November 12, 2010

Well Since You Asked….Yes, I Do Love Bacon


Do I love bacon?

Does a bear crap in the woods?

I am a bacon fanatic. Anything bacon has a place in my home and heart. In trolling the net I have found even more bacon delights to feed my addiction:

1. Bacon Maple Lattes: Available at San Francisco's Pirate Cat Radio Cafe, this delectable carnivore delight  is a double espresso latte spiked with organic maple syrup and Prather Ranch bacon, sprinkled with Bac-Os.

2. Bacon-Flavored Water: "Bacon Delight" gives you the benefits of hydration along with a meaty after-taste. When it comes to drinking bacon, I prefer the Bacon Vodka myself.

3. Bacon Jam: When I think of jam,  strawberry, grape and if I’m feeling frisky , boysenberry comes to mind. But the idea of bacon jam never entered my mind… until now. How do you make it? Fry up some bacon, add a bunch of spices and pulse the combo in a food processor until it becomes spreadable.

4. Maple Bacon Morning Coffee: As a coffee fanatic, I can’t think of anything that would go better with my Bacon Jam on toast then some Maple Bacon Coffee.

5. Bacon Maple Lollipops: Sure to satisfy that sweet salty craving we all get at 3am. Whatever-don’t lie. Your know you get it too. Made by Absinthe Lollipops, you have a choice of $10 for 4, $24 for 12, and $52 for 36.

6. Bacon Gumballs: Yes, this may be going overboard with the “bacon” thing, but who can blame me? Bacon is a powerful force and I am but a disciple doing my part to spread the gospel.

7. Bacon Lip Balm: This is for “true” connoisseurs only.  Now you too can have soft luscious pork smelling lips. I recommend staying away from dogs and cats though. You may get more “sugar” then you bargained for.

8. Bacon Wallet: Put some hip into your hip pocket with a whimsical Bacon Wallet! Great for bringing home the bacon. :)

9. Bacon Bandages: Forget Superman or Hello Kitty-treat your minor cuts, scrapes and scratches with the incredible healing power of bacon And if a fancy bandage isn't enough to dry up your tears, you get a FREE PRIZE in the tin container they are packaged in. SQUEEE!!!


Last but not least….


10. Bacon Floss: Recommended by 9 out of 10 Dentists, Now you can improve your dental hygiene while enjoying the amazing flavor of crispy fried bacon. Is there anything bacon can’t improve? I think not!


Anonymous said...

Hmmm I like Bacon as much as the next person...but I have no comment LMAO

Gigi's Consignment Closet said...

Nikki-LOL Don't be skeered.

Julie said...

Oh my...LOLOL My hubs cooked bacon yesterday and my house STILL smells like it. Now, instead of being annoyed, I'll think of you. :) Funny, funny post!

Gigi's Consignment Closet said...

Julie-LOL My house still smells like Maple Bacon from breakfast yesterday. It makes me happy. :)

the_happy_hausfrau said...

Oh how I love bacon. I've actually used that Diet Coke w/ bacon picture as my profile pic on facebook, lol!

Smash Attack! said...

I stick with turkey bacon for the most part, but I sure know some bacon lovers out there! Have you ever carmelized brown sugar on bacon? IT'S TO DIE FOR!!

Patti (Book Addict) said...

Okay, I think Diet Coke is the elixir of life and bacon is nature's perfect food, but I don't think I'd like them combined :P

If you've never had it before - PRALINE BACON is the bombdiggity!!

Twimom227 said...

Bacon.... mmmmm!

Gigi's Consignment Closet said...

the_happy_hausfrau-Bacon rocks!

Smash Attack!-Hmmm, haven't tried that but I will. :)

Patti (Book Addict)-I haven't tried that either. Have you tried choco dipped bacon? *drool*

Twimom227-I couldn't have said it better. :)