Monday, January 31, 2011

My Review of Carol Berg’s The Soul Mirror is at Smexy Books


Favorite Quote: “I don’t despise you. I don’t pity you....I know you. I see you.”

Anne de Vernase rejoices in that she has no magic. A devoted woman of science, magic has obliterated her family. It has driven her mother mad, condemned her father to death, imprisoned her brother, and killed her younger sister. When Portier de Savin-Duplais, the King’s royal prosecutor, arrives with the missive that she is to serve in Queen Eugenie’s court and her family’s property will be dispossessed, Anne has no choice but to obey. When Anne arrives at court, she sees the rumors of magic and strange hauntings that are surrounding and permeating the town of Merona are true.

Once Anne sets foot into court she finds herself assaulted on all fronts as she tries to separate truth from fiction. No one is as they seem from the elusive damaged Queen and her sinister mage to the bumbling knight errant brother and the King’s new household administrator. Anne has a hard time determining who is her ally and who is her enemy. As Anne seeks the answers to her own concerns; the cause of her sister’s death and the mysterious voice in her head, she will find herself once more drawn into the growing battle between science and magic and this time she will have to make a stand or die.


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