Monday, January 31, 2011

My Review of Merciless by Mary Burton is at Smexy Books

Favorite Quote: “I did my job very well Detective. If you had done yours better we wouldn’t be here.”

Dead prostitutes don’t even send a ripple through the city’s crime beat but when a vicious killer makes his presence known by taking the life of an actress, Detective Deacon Garrison and  Detective Malcolm Kier are once again pulled back into the deep and disturbed mind of a serial killer.
When bones are found by a couple of boys in park,  Detective’s Kier and Garrison learn that they belong to a semi famous actress who ties to a previous case & suspect make them suspicious. When another body is found, Angie Carlson drawn into the case when the body is identified as a former prostitute that Angie cross examined during a trial. A trial that released a suspect Kier had worked hard to put away. The connection between Angie and the dead bodies has Kier thinking that  Angie will be the killer’s next victim. Through out the investigation, past and present emerge and collide with staggering revelations that will leave you stunned at the convoluted set up of this plot.

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