Wednesday, February 16, 2011

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Hey ya’ll. I’m at Smexy Books today doing a full day of reviews. First up is Kim Harrison’s 9th Hollows installment-Pale Demon.

Favorite Quote: “The world had turned its back on me. I should turn my back on it”
Rachel Morgan has been officially shunned and accused of black magic. She has three days to get to get to California in order to appear before the Witches Convention to clear her name. If she is found guilty she either has to go to the ever after for good or be put to death. As part of her shunning, she isn’t allow to fly. So when Trent Kalamack approaches Rachel asking for her help with a mission of his own in California; Rachel and the rest of the gang get ready for a road trip. But this trip isn’t going to be the piece of cake Rachel thought. From kidnapping pixies to soul devouring demons, Rachel will have to use everything she has to stay one step ahead in this game-even if it means dying.
Later this afternoon (3pm) my review of Stephanie Juilan’s super smexy Lucian Lovers series installment-Moonlight Temptation- will be up.
Evie has been through a lot. From being kidnapped and terrorized to discovering she is a witch; Evie is now living in a borrowed house with a 17 year old werewolf who is trying to help her control her powers and being pursued by two sexy men. Could things be any worse?
Dr. Dane Dimitriou knows Evie is having problems adjusting. So is he. He wants her badly but feels his aggressive standoffish personality is not what she needs. So he calls in his best friend, sexy easy going Ryan, to help Evie become more comfortable with her new life.
So who will Evie chose? Or will she have to chose at all?

Read all of my reviews at Smexy Books.

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