Friday, May 20, 2011

Well since you asked…this is what I REALLY do all day


Want to know what I do all day? This is a big part. *shaking head* I need to establish some boundaries.


smexys_sidekick: Who's watching the Billboard music awards Sat? My man better pick up more then a few awards this time ard or Im gonna be MAD!

WickedLPixie: @smexys_sidekick if the world ends, no one

smexys_sidekick: Harold Camping says the worlds going to end abt 6pm. Is that eastern, central, pacific, or mountain? #importantinfoineedtoknow

WickedLPixie: @smexys_sidekick I think we all go boom together and its NOT the end of the damn world woman, its judgment day. Didn't we go over this?

smexys_sidekick: @wickedlpixie I need to know these things. *shrugs

WickedLPixie: @smexys_sidekick Oh shit, if the world ends we don't have to write for Megan

smexys_sidekick: @wickedlpixieSee! Thats why we need to pinpoint this all.

WickedLPixie: @smexys_sidekick lmfao


heroesnhearts: And based on many H&H posts, I bought @StaciaKane's Unholy Ghosts.

WickedLPixie: @heroesnhearts FINALLY

heroesnhearts: @WickedLPixie Oh, geez, give a gal a minute, okay?

WickedLPixie: @heroesnhearts well shoot you'd think you listened to us, but nooooo.

meganf: @WickedLPixie Oh, eat me, woman.

WickedLPixie: @meganf is that any way for a boss to talk to their employee? Do you know how bad I want to rt that LOL

meganf: @WickedLPixie Hee. RIght, the Library of Congress archives tweets. Fan-fucking-tastic.

WickedLPixie: @smexys_sidekick did you see @meganf tell me to eat her!#convointruder 

smexys_sidekick: @wickedlpixie I DID. I also Favorite-ed it. For future reference. :P @meganf

WickedLPixie: @smexys_sidekick BAHAHAH

meganf: @WickedLPixie@smexys_sidekick oh. I AM an idiot. Saw mistaken identity tweet. Sorry, Tori. No apology to Nat, tho. Feh

WickedLPixie: @meganf see what I put up with @smexys_sidekick ? She's so mean to me! #istillwonteatyou

WickedLPixie: @meganf anyways, I shit you not it won't let me do it from the H&H page OR my own fan page

WickedLPixie: @smexys_sidekick see if it works, cause I can't even AT from that one. But Megan & the bunch are always AT'ing authors

WickedLPixie: @smexys_sidekick so its an HH issue. We'll play with it tomorrow & see if you can comment, I'm not touching the settings lOL

smexys_sidekick: @wickedlpixie It's all good

WickedLPixie: @smexys_sidekick technology hates us both today

WickedLPixie: @smexys_sidekick download ubersocial instead of Twitter for BB, its bettah

smexys_sidekick: @wickedlpixie OooO thanks chica. BB twitter was crapping my style!

WickedLPixie: @smexys_sidekick omg I just noticed you said crapping your style instead of cramping ahahah


I need a life.


MamaKitty said...

ROFL I think we all need lives, honey... that, or Twitter has given us one? Yeah, I'll go with that. ;)

Helyce said...

I have not jumped on the Twitter bandwagon. Was doing Facebook pretty religiously for a while-but that got old too. I'm sure all my animals and crops are dead on FarmTown. :(

The whole "rapture" thing tomorrow-I'm just trying to ignore it. If you don't post tomorrow, I'll know you've gone to a better place. :)

Pamela {Spaz} said...


Oh man, seriously I can totally relate to this, and it made me LOL

Gigi's Consignment Closet said...

Mamakitty-I had to take twitter off my phone. It's soul sucking.

Helyce-Twitter is the only app that has kept my attention for more then 1 month. LOL

Pam-I almost brought in your dog tweets. Now THAT was funny.

WickedLilPixie said...

I bet we get fired tomorrow LMFAO

Gigi's Consignment Closet said...