Wednesday, August 3, 2011

WTH Wednesday-I’d laugh if it wasn’t so sad

Geri Halliwell (C) launches her new Red Carpet collection of dre
Geri needs to stick to singing and leave the cheesy prom gowns to JC Pennys.


I thought he was dead.


Dude…that is so not flattering on you.


Model, media personality, actress, and entrepreneur Tyra Banks v
Just stop.


The 80s are over Debbie. Just let ‘em go.


I’ve rolled out of bed looking better then that.


Some days your a fashion queen…and some days your a…ummm…

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Helyce said...

Hilarious...Debbie G must be close to my age and while her outfit is ridiculous, I give her kudos for being able to fit in short shorts and still show her belly!