Friday, August 5, 2011

Well since you asked…NO. We are NOT there yet.

Me and kid are headed to grandma’s house for a little vaca before school starts.


7:45pm-Arrive at train station. Kid is VERY upset. She loves to travel but hates to leave anyone. Agent tells me no baggage check to Cary, NC. Say WHA???

8:36pm-Board train. I am carrying 4 pieces of luggage, a huge tote, 2 pillows, and 2 small blankets. I did no take anyone out but there were a couple of close calls.

8:37pm-I asked to kid to help me but she claims she is too sad.

8:38pm-Phone rings. It’s T.

T-“Who the hell was the guy talking to you? What the hell did he want? You got your mace?” “

Me-“He was helping me with the bags and wanted to know what town we were in.”

T- “Hmmmm. Keep the mace where you can find it.”

9:30pm Kid-“Are we there yet?”

10:30pm Kid has drank a whole Pepsi and trying to eat her weight in sugar.

12:30am Kid wakes up, “Are we there yet?”

2:30am I wake up to Kid laying on top of me. She looks up with love in her eyes and whispers, “Are we there yet?”

4:30am I now can not stand up right. Word of advice, if you going to travel overnight on a train, spend the extra $100 bucks and buy a sleeping compartment.
Kid wakes up with me. Can you guess? “Are we there yet?”


5:30am Sleeping is overrated. Lady behind me is have phone sex with her boyfriend. Yea.
Oh look, plugs. I can plug in laptop and work. Did you know 3G works on train? Very cool.


6:30am Kid wakes up.“Are we there yet?”
We walk to dining car. OMG. The wait is 2 hrs for breakfast. Guess it’s cheeto time.

7:30am Kid-“I’m hungry. Are we there yet?”

8:30am Arrive in Cary. Me-“Baby, we’re here.” Kid-“ Nooooo!!!!! I don’t want to get off.”



Patti (Caught in a FAB Romance) said...

*trying not to laugh* This is a timely post for me as we are looking into going to BEA next summer via train (hubs won't fly). it's a 29 hr ride...each way *cries*

Julie said...

Oh Tori... Sounds like you had a wonderful time on your trip. Oh wait, I obviously read the wrong post. ;) "The mace" parts made me howl. Great post!

Tori said...

Patti-Get a sleeping complartment. There aredifferent sizes and meals are included.

Julie-T gets upset when we leave the driveway. He thinks I'm delicate. *snort*
We are having a blast now and kid is no longer sad. :)

BookaholicCat said...

Are we there yet? I love it. We don't have kids but I do it to DH all the time, I know he would like to kill me but is funny.
Have fun in your vacation.

Tori said...

BookaholicCat-LOL we are having a lovely time, thank you.