Monday, September 19, 2011

I’m reviewing Blood Cursed by Erica Hayes at Smexybooks


Blood CursedBlood Cursed (The Shadowfae Chronicles #4) by Erica Hayes
Paranormal Romance
August 2, 2011
St Martin’s Press

Favorite Quote: “...the most compelling memory is the ache sharp pain in his heart. Her hot green eyes dazzle him. Her toothy smile stops his pulse. Her touch befuddles his senses and wobbles his legs weak. The rich purr of her voice makes him crave chocolate cake.”

Ember is a bloodfairy, which makes her a highly sought after prize to the vampires in the underworld. A prize her boyfriend Jasper has no problem capitalizing on. When he sends her on a mission to seduce a vampire and steal a jewel in his possession, Ember has no idea that she will unwittingly make herself a target to one of the underworld’s most dangerous figures. Forced into a life or death bargain Ember goes to her boyfriend’s boss for protection-Diamond. Diamond is a dark sexy glassfairy who has made some bad deals himself. Deals that ultimately put Ember in even more danger. As Ember and Diamond struggle to stay one step ahead of death, he will be forced to sacrifice one in order to save another.


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