Tuesday, September 20, 2011

5 things for Tuesday

Usually I do 5 things for Monday but I was sick this weekend and in no shape or form to blog. I know, your probably thinking, “Damn Tori, your always sick,” and your right, I have been this year. Apparently, according to my Dr., when you move to a new area it takes about 9-10 years for your body to acclimate itself to the area . Then whatever natural immunity you might have had disappears. Whether this is true or not I have no idea, but all I can say is we are in year 10 here in Florida and it’s kicking my arse. I have never had so many allergy attacks, sinus infections, or bouts of bronchitis in my life.


Another thing I have noticed, and this brings me to #5 on my list, every time I’m sick everything smells like Arse and cheese. Seriously. Perfume? Arse and cheese. Freshly washed clothing? Arse and cheese. I can’t get away from it. Drives me insane. I’m forever running around sniffing everything trying to find out what has died or has spoiled. Even T and kid gets in on the action, handing me things to sniff asking if it smells funny. :( I get no respect.


#4 Being sick made me miss the Emmys. Boo. But I’m still putting my two cents in.



WORST DRESSED-Paz de la Huerta



#3 The Lord Of The Abyss (Royal House Of Shadows #4) by Nalini Singh
Nocturne - Medium
Just finished this last week. Seriously, one of the best in the series. Heck, look at the cover. ZOMG! I’d have gotten it just for that chest. :) I will be reviewing this over at Smexybooks before release (November 22 from Harlequin) but I give it muy smexy points.


#2 I love the blog PS I Made This. Here the author of the blog-Erica Domesek-shows you how to tassel like a champ.

Go here for full directions.



#1 The AAD 2012 Bookie Award polls are open so come vote now for your favorite authors, series, books, novellas, ect… POlls close Oct 1 so don’t delay.



BookaholicCat said...

I didn't know you were sick.
T and your kid are funny in an evil way (I'm like that too), making fun of you when you are sick.
I hope you are feeling better.

Helyce said...

Hey Tori, hope you're feeling better. I missed the emmy's too-but I agree that Nina is stunning! I looked through a bunch of photos yesterday on Yahoo-there were a few "what were they thinking?".

Also, the description in small print for that Ass. Cheese photo makes me say What???? I mean, coleslaw with bbq, coleslaw with a reuben, etc....but coleslaw with cheese and salad? Never heard of it.

Tori said...

BookaholicCat-Thanks hun. It's only funny when I do it. lol

Helyce-Yes, some of the dresses wore were really out there. 0_o
I died when I found that pic.