Monday, October 17, 2011

5 things for Monday


O Magazine hit stores with its first ever nude photo shoot depicting Katie Halchishick, a plus-sized model and founder of the site-Healthy Is The New Skinny, naked and outlined in a surgical cut pattern that would give her the same proportions as Barbie.
According to the outline, Halchishick would need the following in order to achieve Barbie’s physique.

- A brow lift

- A jaw line shave

- Rhinoplasty

- Cheek and neck reduction

- Chin implant

- Scooped-out shoulder

- A breast lift

- Liposuction on the arms

- A tummy tuck.





Halloween isn’t just the time for ghosts, ghouls, and other scary creatures that go bump in the night. It’s also the time to eat some tasty treats. Here are some cute, abet creepy cupcakes that my kid loves.

Easy to make and easy to eat. Find these instructions and other ghoulish delights here.




I think this is adorable. Baby confuses magazine with ipad and can’t figure out why it’s not working. Some people have bashed ipad and her parents over it but seriously folks…all babies reach for, touch, feel, pound, and sometimes lick the pictures. It has more to do with depth perception then anything else.






The newest trend in picture perfect manis? Magnetic nail polish. Available at Sephora at $15 a pop, this polish is, “A revolutionary magnetic nail lacquer used to create stunning 3D nail art designs in chic metallic shades.”

Choose from two magnetic polishes named after iconic London attractions: Trafalgar Square (chrome) and Houses of Parliament (purple).






As a self professed horror movie buff and it being so close to Halloween, I decided to make up a list of my top five scariest movies.

1. The Shining.  Jack Nicholson scared the tee total crap out of of me in this movie. He’s so blase about his descent into madness that it makes it 10 times scarier. And lets not forget about his creepy son and Tony the talking finger. Hello?  To this day I will NOT stay in a room numbered 237.

2. The Omen. I will still only watch it with all the lights on, a pillow over my face, and someone has to stay next to me the whole time. It also has me avoiding any one named Damien.

3. Amityville Horror. I don’t care if the shite was faked or not…that house freaked me out!!!


4. IT. I think everyone hated clowns and Maine after this movie released.

5. Psycho-the Hitchcock version. I took baths for YEARS after seeing this film.


Jay said...

I'm with you on the list of scary movies. The Shining is the scariest movie EVER!

And now I want an Ipad and the baby to go with it :)

tori said...

Jay-Isn't she adorable? I laugh everytime I watch it.

Nat/WLP said...

AHHHHHHH damn you and Pennywise!

the_happy_hausfrau said...

Jeeeze Pennywise...really? Now I'm all scared.

That baby thing is super cute, and I remember my kids doing the same thing with magazines. Way before iPads. They touch everything! It looked to me like she was trying to lift things off of the page which is developmentally what they do.

Tori said...


the_happy_hausfrau said-Clowns are evil!

My kid was a licker. lol