Saturday, October 8, 2011

I’m reviewing Much Ado About Vampires by Katie MacAlister at Smexybooks

Much Ado About Vampires (Dark Ones, #9)

Favorite Quote: “A Beloved should never keep things from her Dark One.”
“I’ll be sure to pass that along to the next Beloved I see.”

Corazon Ferreirs (Cora) is not having the best of days. Her sister married a vampire, her husband dumped her, and when she decides to undergo past life regression at a party, she witnesses her own death and watches a vampire kill the one responsible. So imagine her surprise when during a house inspection with her ex-husband’s new trophy wife, she inadvertently absorbs a demonic power making her 1/3rd of a demonic “tool” and is sent to a supernatural purgatory and saves the life of the killer she saw in her dreams.

Sexy Dark One Alec Darwin is tired. He was sentenced to Akasha by the council for crimes committed against fellow Dark Ones and had decided to end it all with he wakes up to find a beautiful woman offering her blood to him. Alec has never met Cora before but feels an instant overwhelming bond with her, a Beloved bond, but that can’t be possible because he saw his Beloved killed hundreds of years ago. Plus, Cora seems to dislike him.


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