Friday, October 7, 2011

Well since you asked…more bad customer service

Yesterday, Jenny aka The Bloggess,  posted an email conversation she had with Brandlink Communications LLC.. You can read the whole conversation HERE.  And I recommend you do read it because it’s quite funny.

Brandlink Communications LLC  is a PR company that pitches to bloggers and such, claiming that by using their PR service, they will get more advertisers, resulting in more hits.  Not many bloggers rely on advertisers to help run their blog. Those that do usually use advertisers who’s content is relative to the blog.

What makes this post a bad customer service post is what happens after Jenny sends her usual spam response form. Which again, I advise you to read. It is a true gift of gab that takes paragraphs to come to the point. And the point is; “Here is something you didn’t want in response for sending me something I didn’t want.”
Jenny receives an email calling her  a “f*cking b*tch”. By VP Media Director Jose Martinez  no less. In all honestly , Jose hit reply all which is the bane of my existence too but that doesn’t excuse his level of un professionalism nor the fact he decides to engage in an email and twitter war with Jenny, using the excuse, “Well, YOU started it first.”

Is it a wonder people have no confidence in customer service anymore? The level of self entitlement is astronomical. It’s as though we (the customers) should be grateful that they even condescend to talk to us. And heaven forbid you become negative with them. Last week I had an upper level mgr of Sprint tell me the buck stopped with her (she has since found out it didn’t) and she didn’t care if I stayed a customer or not. Now we have companies insulting us BEFORE we even become customers of theirs. It use to be that companies wanted us to be with them. Now they have all become complacent; figuring that we need them more then they need us.

Guess what? We don’t.


Mandi said...

I can't believe all the crap Sprint is putting you through. RIDICULOUS!

Tori said...

Mandi-I'm amazed at the number of companies who seem to dislike me. :(