Wednesday, October 12, 2011

WTH Wednesday-Ironic…isn’t it?

Here are a few things I found over the course of last week that struck me as ironic.


Those crazy arse wack jobs from the Westboro Baptist Church put out the call to protest Steve Jobs funeral. The reason? I’m not really sure because I don’t speak crazy but my best guess is that he didn’t do enough to support them.  The irony here? They rallied the troops using an iphone.




Fox and Fair. Not often two words found in the same sentence.





Ex MADD president was DRUNK Driving

Debra Oberlin, the former head of the Gainesville, Fla., chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) was pulled over for driving erratically, the Gainseville Sun reports. After flunking a field sobriety test, Oberlin blew a  .234 and .239 on a pair of breathalyzer tests.





Wall Street Sign

According to CNBC, the group 'Occupy Wall Street' have raised some $40,000. So, where are the protesters keeping the cash? In the ground? Under a mattress? Stuffed in bras? Nope, apparently it's safely tucked away in a bank. The irony doesn’t stop there though. Police overtime to keep the protesters away from Wall Street offices is said to have hit around $2m so far.





President Obama creates a contest for artists to design, for FREE, posters to help create jobs. Can’t you just smell the irony here? I lied, the winner does get a free framed poster of their winning submission signed by President Obama.

Hmmm…I don’t think the electric company takes signed posters in lieu of cash.

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Julie said...

"The reason? I’m not really sure because I don’t speak crazy" LMAO! Sometimes you just have to shake your head. Of course this is after you shake the hell out of some of these people. What is wrong with people?!?!