Friday, November 11, 2011

Well since you asked-T is a diamond in the rough


T:Hey, have you heard of this?

Me: Heard of what?

T: That commercial on tv.

Me: What commercial?

T: Lifegems

Me: What about it?

T: Did you know you are carbon based?

Me: Ummm, yes. I passed 8th grade science too you know.

T: Well Ms. Smarty Pants, what can you make from carbon?

Me: A mess?

T: Nope. Diamonds.

Me: And?

T: This website says they can take a cremated body and make a diamond out of it.

Me: wth?

T: I’m serious.

Me: So, I can have you cremated and get bling out it?

T: Well…yes, if you want to look at it that way.

Me: You mean I can get the diamond I’ve been wanting that your cheap arse won’t buy for me?

T: *silence* I am not cheap. I am thrifty.

Me: Dude, your cheap.

Me: *going to website* DUDE!!! I can have you made into any color diamond I want. Blue, green, yellow, red, chocolate, and clear.

ME: AND…your a big guy. You’d be at least 2 carats.

T: What is wrong with you?

Me: What?

T: You were not suppose to get this excited. Your suppose to say, “Your worth more then diamonds my love.

Me: But look. You can have rings, necklaces, and bracelets made.

T: Hello?

Me: What?

T: I’m waiting.

Me: For what?

T: For you to tell me I’m worth more then diamonds.

Me: *sigh* Your worth more then diamonds.

T: How about a little more enthusiasm next time.


I just want to add that this testimonial on Lifegem site cracked me up!

“He was perfect, yet certainly not flawless. I wouldn’t expect his LifeGem to be without flaws either.”


Jay said...

First I love the conversations you and T have. But I think I'm gonna turn the geek into a diamond. Hey maybe I'll make myself into one and then the kids have to carry me around always. So instead haunting them I can rest peacefully and still taunt them.

Tori said...

Jay-LMAO Can you imagine the conversations?
"Oh, love your diamond."
"Thank you, it's my mom."