Monday, December 19, 2011

5 things for Monday

1. Love. This. Commercial. The baby in here is too freaking adorable!

2 & 3.(Cause it’s kinda long)
Sometimes It’s better To say Nothing At All
The internet has become much more then an information highway. It is a way to connect with other people who share similar interests, express our views and thoughts, and share things that we would never tell someone face to face. It offers us a sense of comradely and anonymity even when place our name in the byline. How many times have we read someone's comments only to laugh and joke about them because,  after all, they are only words?
Recently I read an article that not only surprised me but left me feeling very sad. Im Not A Perfect Mother. A young mother verbalized her feelings on not being a perfect mother and went on to explain why she may love her son more then her daughter. While I don’t vilify her for her feelings; she’s entitled and I have not walked in her shoes, what I objected to was the fact that she choose to broadcast this to the world.
She posted an update to explain why she did it, the most memorable statement being that her mother favored her brother and as she got older, she and her mother were able to talk about it. It made her mother more human to her. That’s great that she and her mom were able to become friends as adults but her mother didn’t publish her thoughts in a magazine or newspaper. She didn’t write a tell all memoir. She talked to her daughter face to face.
I can’t help but fear that the reasons this blogger had for doing this won’t be enough to justify to her child why the world deserved an explanation before she did.

4. And you didn’t think it could get any better!
Move over Miss Peggy, MAC has lined up another fashion forward matron to colab with.
Iris Apfel for MAC collection are here. Via a press release, MAC describes it as "a color collection inspired by a rare bird who has always been ahead of her time." The line features lipsticks, lip pencils, eye shadows, mascara, beauty powder, nail lacquers, and of course, an "impeccable brow pencil," and will arrive on January 5th.
Racked has a peek of the line here.

1. Best Tweet about Kim Jong II’s death
“I regret nothing.” – Thomas the Tank Engine. RT @BreakingNews: Kim Jong-il died of physical fatigue during train ride-@YonhapNews


Amanda Bonilla said...

Great post. That Wendy's commercial is one of my favs! Hehe. I agree with you about the internet. Words can hurt and it's so easy to write something hurtful to/or about a faceless person. A friend of mine put up a YouTube video of her husband performing his folk music at a local venue for friends/family to look at. Within hours, there were hundreds of hurtful, mocking comments. There's a fine line between expressing your opinion and bullying. If we want our kids to treat others with kindness, we have to lead by example.

Tori said...

Amanda-If you feel the need to express it and it involves people who may be hurt by it-write it down in a journal.