Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I’m reviewing Left Hand Magic by Nancy A. Collins at Smexybooks

Left Hand Magic (Golgotham #2)

Favorite Quote: “You’d think by this point in my life I could no longer be shocked or embarrassed by what comes slithering out of her mouth, but somehow my mother always manages to top herself. “

Artist Tate Eresby has accepted the unusual sights and sounds of Golgotham, New York's paranormal underworld. But her relationship with witch-lord Hexe, the current heir to the Kymeran throne, is full of tension. Hexe's Uncle Esau is an anti-human activist who believes Tate is a human enemy of his race. But Tate's time in Golgotham has left her more than human...(Goodreads)

Left Hand Magic picks up about 3 weeks after Right Hand Magic ended. Trust fund baby Tate Eresby has made herself at home in Golgotham and in the arms of a sexy royal Kymeran prince. Tate had originally come to Golgotham, New York’s premiere paranormal underworld, because she needed a larger space to create her large metal sculptures. At the end of Right Hand Magic, we find out that Tate’s sculptures are “special” and a reporter’s article about that has resulted in Golgotham becoming a human tourist attraction. Not everyone is thrilled with this though. Humans, also called numps by the residents of Golgotham, don’t understand the residents or magic of Golgotham and tensions rise as prejudice and racism permeate the air.

Hexe does what he can to protect Tate and tries to convince her to head back to New York where she will be safe but she refuses to leave Golgotham or him. When Hexe’s evil uncle Easu begins a steady campaign to rid Golgotham of all humans, Tate gets caught in the middle and finds herself fighting for her love and her life.


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