Wednesday, December 21, 2011

WTH Wednesday-Sometimes less is more

While I enjoy a festive decorated house for the holidays, I think the fashion rule of less is more should be applied. Put all your accessories on then take one thing off because less is more and you don’t want to look like a jewelry store just threw up on you.
In the following pictures, they should have taken 2, 3, 4, maybe even 5 things off.

Pick a theme people…pick a theme.

Being rich doesn’t give you good taste. Just saying.

The strippers don’t perform till 8pm.

It’s a Hoarders Christmas!

How the hell do you get back into the house?

I really don’t know what to say besides-there house has a freaking crown!! I wants so bad.

“Santa ain’t missing us this year damn it!”

It was all good did they added the 2 little reindeer in front. Overkill!!


Kristin said...

I'm definitely on team "Less is More." I can't even imagine what their electric bills must look like, lol!!

Tori said...

Kristin-I don't even want to think what they pay for their monstrosities. lol

Jay R said...

We have a house like these in town, there's even comes with accompanying music that you can hear 1/2 a block away. My house needs a crown though. Everyone should have one LOL

Mandi said...

The house has a crown. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

Amanda Bonilla said...

All I can think is: WTH are those people's power bills?!?! I agree with you. Less is definitely more.

BookaholicCat said...

This reminds me of my neighbor when I was living in NY. His house was a "destination" during Christmas.

Tori said...

Jay-Every house needs a crown. Of this I'm sure.

Mandi-Isn't it FAB???

Amanda-I don't even want to think of their electric bills.

BookaholicCat-LOL To the twilight zone?

Living a Low Carb Life in NC said...

ok Tori, this is your mom. I like them!