Thursday, March 15, 2012

Come DIY with Erica Domesek from PS I Made This

I love Erica Domesek and her blog PS I Made This. Here is her newest project that is not only tres chic but super easy to make. I’ve bought enough supplies to make at least 10 for me and the kid in all different colors.

Spring fever is in full effect.  Follow your heart with a headband as you step into the season with some extra sparkle and shine.  Mix luminous and rich materials with earthy textures for a match made in heaven.  Get inspired by crazy cool crystals from  SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS and springtime hues for a haute headband that’s to DIY for!

To create: Measure and cut SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS CUPCHAIN TRIM to fit the top of the headband.  Chain should cover all but the bottom inch of the headband. Cut 4 feet of colored raffia and  fold in half.  Secure chain to the headband by knotting raffia onto the end of the cup chain trim.  Begin wrapping from the bottom and continue all the way around securing chain. Use the cross-over method going over and under each crystal you wrap.  Knot off once you reach the end and snip off any remaining raffia.

All items can be purchased from the dollar store and/or a craft store.


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