Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Has Coach finally bid adieu to the monogram look?

We can only hope. I have never made any bones about the fact that monogram bags especially in pastels, is tres tacky. (This of course doesn’t include my LV) It looks like Coach has finally listened.

The new look at Coach is focuses on classic and streamlined in bold elegant colors -leaving behind the tacky monogram look that has prevailed for the last 10 years.

The new leather bags, accessories, shoes, jewelry, eyewear, and outerwear mark a conscientious move forward, yet backward, as Coach tries to reclaim a more fashionable cliental by bringing back what first made them so popular.

While the silhouettes might be cleaner, the colors aren't: In bright oranges, purples, turquoises, and yellows, the new collection is definitely not your 2011 Coach camels, pastel pinks, or browns. The price-points have gotten an upgrade as well, with bags now selling between $178 to $1,000 and beyond.







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