Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I’m reviewing Taking A Shot by Jaci Burton at Smexybooks

Taking a Shot (Play by Play, #3)

Taking A Shot (Play By Play#3) by Jaci Burton
Contemporary Romance
March 6, 2012
Berkley Trade

Favorite Quote: “Ugh. When had she become that woman?”

Taking A Shot is the third book in Jaci Burton’s hot and oh so steamy Play By Play series that revolves around the Riley family. Before I start this review, let’s take a minute to genuflect at the cover shall we? *happy sigh* Seriously, have you ever seen anything so beautifully lickable in your life?

Jenna Riley has grown up in a family dominated by sports. She has lived, breathed, and now works in the field, since a child. Since her father’s heart attack, she has taken over the reins to the family sport’s bar, Riley’s, giving up on her own dreams and ambitions. This has resulted in her one and only non breakable rule. She doesn’t date sports figures. Ever. This attitude both intrigues and challenges Tyler (Ty) Anderson. A star pro-hockey player, he has been attracted to Jenna since the first time they met. Unsure as to why she dislikes him so much, Ty keeps coming to the bar and trying to tempt Jenna into taking a chance with him.

Taking A Shot has all the trademarks of being a Jaci Burton book. Hot male lead, sassy intelligent female, a plausible plot, and some heavy, heavy smexying everywhere in between. I enjoyed the way this story reveals itself to you. It starts out slow as Ty bids his time trying to find away to break through Jenna’s shell. Ty spends plenty of time on the seduction of Jenna. The sexual heat and playfulness in this book make it a fun read


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