Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Queen may say no but I say YES! YES! YES!

While I’m sure the Queen Mother will NEVER allow Kate Middleton to traipse around in these dress, I love the colorful POP that Issa has given to Kate’s engagement dress.


Issa gained fame through the design of Kate’s engagement dress (in stock here) and now has revamped into a stylish kimono dress in 7 spectacular colors for Spring.  You can purchase at Shopbop.

issa-dark-blue-182x400 Issa-printed-kimono-205x400 Ice-Issa-226x400 
Issa-striped-204x400 Issa-pink-kimono-251x400Issa-tangerine-kimono-dress-231x400



Jenn3128 said...

I love that dress. The new "Ice" color is my favorite. I'd wear it.

Pamela {@SpazP} said...

I looove these but $600 :( :( :(

Tori said...

Jenn3128-I want one of each. :)