Monday, May 21, 2012

Houston….we have a problem


I'm sure you’ve noticed my posting on the blog has been sporadic. If you haven’t noticed, I’m going to still pretend you can’t sleep at night because the anticipation of wanting to know tomorrows post keeps you up at night.

*clearing throat*

Anyway. I am having internet and hardware problems. My fan has gone out on my desktop, my laptop is slowing committing suicide, and my internet goes in and out all day long. I am in the process of fixing it all but it will take time. So I will be posting infrequently as I can’t maintain a connection long enough to type a few sentences.  It took me 3 days to get this one to post and I really feel I should save my temper tantrums for my work related items.

So please, don’t leave me yet. I’ll be back, I promise.




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Amanda Bonilla said...

Technology can be so frustrating! We've had internet problems off and on for a a year and a half. The phone company techs and I are pretty tight now. ;) Hope everything gets fixed soon!