Friday, May 18, 2012

I’m reviewing Angel’s End by Cindy Holby at Smexybooks

Angel's End (Angel's End, #1)

Angel’s End by Cindy Holby
Historical Romance
May 1, 2012

Favorite Quote: “The man definitely needs some pants.“

Cade Gentry is a gunfighter. His brutal childhood led him into a life of crime and he despairs at ever achieving forgiveness in God’s or his own eyes. The victim of a double cross and left for dead in the middle of nowhere, he stumbles across a preacher who is headed towards his new congregation in Angel’s End. When the preacher is killed by a bullet meant for Cade, he decides this may be God’s way of opening a new door for him and trades identities with the preacher in hopes of hiding himself. He arrives at Angel’s End half dead and is rescued by the sheriff's widow, Leah Findley. Leah nurses him back to health, caught between the memories of her love for her husband and the strong attraction she feels for this “handsome” preacher. As Cade begins to recover, he and Leah form a tentative bond despite his deception. Cade falls in love with Leah and vice versa. When Cade finally decides to leave Leah and the town, in hopes of avoiding trouble, we find out that trouble has found him and is holding the town hostage. Cade stays to fight and reveals to the town and Leah who and what he really is. It’s only when God sends him another message does Cade return to Angel’s End and accept his redemption.

Angel’s End is a sweet, lightweight, historical romance about a lawless hero, a beautiful lonely heroine, and a small western town that offers redemption The storyline reads like an adult rated episode of Little House On The Prairie. Yes, it was that nice. A nice predictable plot balances well within a smooth flowing storyline and dialogue. Engaging characters offer insight, background, and humor to the story. Even at 300 pages, it reads extremely fast. Religion plays a large part of the storyline. That put me off a little, only because the book blurb doesn’t hint at the strong Christian undertones we see in here.



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