Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I’m reviewing Bound To Me by Jocelynn Drake at Smexybooks

Bound to Me (Dark Days, #.5)

Bound To Me (Dark Days Prequel) by Jocelynn Drake
Paranormal Romance
April 10, 2012
Harper Voyager

Favorite Quote: “You are bound to me. Not because I am your maker. Not because I have the power to control you. You are bound to me by love. Time will pass and we will drift apart, as all our kind does, but we will forever have our hearts bound to each other by deep love and respect.”

Mira, the heroine of Jocelynn Drake's New York Times bestselling Dark Days series, has been a nightwalker for centuries, traveling the globe as an enforcer for a secretive, powerful organization. In Bound to Me, for the first time, we travel back into Mira's distant past to see the great love affair that shaped her. (Goodreads)

I am a long time fan of Ms. Drakes Dark Days series. After Burn The Night released, I wasn’t expecting to see anymore of my beloved Mira and was thrilled when I was offered this novella, Bound To Me, which talks of Mira’s younger days and her Valerio. While we only caught bits and pieces of Mira’s complicated relationship with him through the series, we always knew in the back of our minds that theirs was a love affair that affected Mira to the point where she never removed a small silver ring that he gave her many years ago.


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