Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I'm reviewing Wake Of The Bloody Angel by Alex Bledsoe at Smexybooks

Wake Of The Bloody Angel (Eddie LaCrosse #4) by Alex Bledsoe
July 3, 2012
Tor Books

Favorite Quote: “Oh, a bribe. With a harbor full of uncouth and barbaric sailors, no one’s thought to try that yet. My God, you’re brilliant.“

Eddie LaCrosse never thought bar owner Angelina would ever need his services, but he’s been wrong before. Twenty years ago, Angelina met and fell in love with a young sailor. He left her to seek his fortune and though he promised to return, he never did. No one knows what happened to Edward Tew, but Angelina now needs to know and has hired Eddie to find out.

Rumors are aplenty when it comes to the infamous pirate, Edward Tew and his ship,The Bloody Angel. Some say Edward is dead and he and his ship is buried at the bottom of the sea with a king’s ransom in gold. Others claim he runs his own private pirate paradise, while some even believe he commands a pirate ghost ship with a damned crew. Either way, Eddie is being paid to find him and with a former pirate queen as his partner, Eddie will follow the clues to where ever they may lead.

Alec Bledsoe’s Wake Of The Bloody Angel takes Investigator Eddie LaCrosse on the adventure of a lifetime; hunting down a mysterious pirate. Throw in a feisty former pirate as his partner and hints of buried treasure and we have an action packed, adventurous fantasy with sea monsters, ghost ships, and plenty of witty, dry humor.

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