Friday, October 12, 2012

Well, since you asked…love IS a battlefield

I have often said that the way to a strong marriage is to laugh long, hard, and often. Otherwise, you’ll be taking a hammer to their head every chance you get.


Me: Where is it?

T: Where is what?

Me: The brownie that was on the counter.

T: What counter?

Me: The counter in the kitchen, fool.

T: I know of no brownie on the kitchen counter.

Me: Let me smell your breath.

T: Get away from me, freak.

Me: NO! I told you that brownie was mine! Now, open up and let me look.

T: *holding me back* No. Quit it. Stop squeezing my jaw.

Me: Where. Is. My. Brownie!!!!

T: I ate it, okay?? I ate it and freaking enjoyed it.

Me: I didn’t get a single brownie out of that pan I baked. WTH is wrong with you? Why do you always eat my food?

T: I’m bigger then you so I require more food.

Me: I’m killing you tonight.

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