Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I’m reviewing Angel’s Ink by Jocelynn Drake at Smexybooks



Angel’s Ink (The Asylum Tales #1) by Jocelynn Drake
Urban Fantasy
E Book
October 16, 2012
Harper Voyager

Favorite Quote: “I had a price to pay for my choices.“

In Low Town, where elves, fairies, trolls, werewolves, and vampires are happily walking among humanity, everything has its price. Gage just wants to run his tattoo parlor and live a quiet fuss free life, but this former warlock is finding out that what he wants and what he’ll get are two very different things. Leaving the Ivory Tower, where the warlocks and witches of the world rule with an iron fist, has left Gage with a huge target on his back as no one EVER leaves the Ivory Tower alive. Gage was allowed to leave only if he never uses his magic for anything but self defense, however, circumstances cause Gage to break this rule on many different occasions. When Gage finds himself hunted by his former mentor, the grim reaper, a mob boss, and a werewolf, Gage hopes that with a little help from his friends, he may just live to see tomorrow.

Angel’s Ink is the first installment in a new urban fantasy series by bestselling author Jocelyn Drake. I ADORED Ms. Drakes Nightwalker series and was excited to see her penning a new and obviously different type of series. Angel’s Ink has an  interesting premise and introduces us to a supernatural world where everything and everyone lives together; though not necessarily in harmony. Fast pacing keeps the story moving at a brisk pace as Drake sets up the arc and builds her modern magical world. Plenty of action and mystery will keep you guessing. As this is heavily character driven, I found the world building suffers as it tries to complete against the overwhelming and convoluted amount of subplots presented. I would have enjoyed learning more about the world presented, the war that brought this world to where it’s at now, and more about the various groups of supernaturals that we are introduced to.

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