Thursday, October 18, 2012

I’m reviewing Power Exchange by A.J. Rose at Smexybooks


Power Exchange

Power Exchange by A.J. Rose
MM Erotic Romance
September 15, 2012
Voodoo Lily Press

Favorite Quote: “It takes more courage to kneel before someone, then to stand beside them.“

Detective Gavin DeGrassi finds himself reluctantly intrigued when a brutal murder of a dom takes him into the world of BDSM. With the help of experienced Dom and psychologist, Ben Haverson, Gavin begins to divulge deeper into the world and is forced to acknowledge his own increasing desires; for the life and Ben.  When more victims are discovered, Gavin jumps in head first and begins an emotional journey that pits him against his most challenging adversary-himself. However, Gavin and Ben have come under the scrutiny of the killer and if Gavin doesn’t solve this case soon, he and Ben may be the next in line for death.

Power Exchange is a steamy mm erotic romance that pits our protagonists against a vicious serial killer while delivering a good balance between the romance and the mystery. I enjoyed the unfolding journey of a novice entering into the world of power exchanges and D/S relationships. AJ Rose does a fabulous job of presenting Gavin and Ben’s evolving relationship-addressing Gavin’s concerns and tentative overtures in a realistic fashion. Well written with a steady pace, we are able to follow along and submerge ourselves in Gavin’s life fully with no uneasiness that sometimes occurs when reading erotic romance.

Gavin DeGrassi immediately inspires trust and affection. A legacy detective, he works homicide and enjoys it. We see that Gavin is a submissive personality right off the bat as his family, partner, and wife attempt to push him into situations he is not comfortable with. Unhappy and confused, it’s inevitable that Gavin will seek someone who can provide the structure and praise he so desperately is seeking.

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