Saturday, November 3, 2012

I'm reviewing Allison Pang’s A Trace Of Moonlight at Smexybooks


A Trace Of Moonlight (Abby Sinclair #3) by Allison Pang
Urban Fantasy
October 30, 2012

Favorite Quote: “Clap if you believe! Clap if you believe!“

SPOILERS ahead from book two. At the end of Slivers Of Shadows, Abby offered herself up as the Tithe which enabled the Faerie Queen to reopen the Crossroads. Abby loses her memory in the process and A Trace Of Moonlight opens to Ion doing his best to help Abby regain her memory in the Dreaming.

Abby Sinclair has been to hell, come back, then went voluntarily back again. She is currently sequestered in the Seelie Queen’s palace, having been convinced she is in love with and marrying the Queen’s son, Taliver. When Ion comes to her in a dream, begging her to remember and giving her a priceless gift, the fog that has obscured her mind begins to slowly lift. A chance meeting with Maurice, a mortal who has attempted to destroy the Otherworld throughout the series, brings back all her memories and causes her to lose the amulet. With all her memories intact, Abby has some issues with decisions that have been made for her and wants to go home. The Queen doesn’t agree with her plan and her attempts to belay Abby’s plans causes an impromptu hand fasting between Taliver and Abby. Taliver and Abby escape the palace and head to the Unseelie Court. Taliver takes his place as the rightful king and steps up his efforts to find Maurice and the amlet. When a band of mercenaries attack the Unseelie Court and damage the Eildon Tree, Ion appears and uses the confusion to pull Abby through to the veil; therefore breaking the spell that trapped her in the Otherworld. Now the race is on as Abby must find away to save Ion, save the tree, and save Faerie before she loses everyone and everything she loves.

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