Monday, November 26, 2012

I’m reviewing Wallbanger by Alice Clayton at Smexybooks


Wallbanger by Alice Clayton
November 27, 2012
Contemporary Romance
Omnific Publishing

Favorite Quote: “So I told the guy, there is no way I’m organizing your ‘play room’. You can arrange your own riding crops!”

When Caroline Reynolds agrees to sublet her bosses apartment, she has no idea of the antics her next door neighbor is involved in. Simon Parker is not a “relationship” kind of guy, evident by the harem of women he’s involved with. When Simon’s late night shenanigans finally push Caroline over the edge, she confronts Simon, only to discover that she’d like very much to involve herself in his shenanigans and his heart.

I absolutely love Alice Clayton’s Redhead series, so when asked if I’d like to read this one, I grabbed a copy and ran; cackling like a loon. Wallbanger is aptly titled. A funny, madcap, smexy romantic contemporary that had me reading straight through. Fast pacing and a smooth flowing storyline will keep you in stitches as Wallbanger and Nightie Girl begin the battle of the headboard. Filled with plenty of humor, sarcasm, engaging dialogue, and well developed characters-I didn’t stop laughing till the end.


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