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I’m reviewing Marked by Odin by Coral Moore at Smexybooks

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Marked By Odin (Broods Of Fenrir #2) by Coral Moore
Urban Fantasy
November 20, 2012
Bared Teeth Publishing

Favorite Quote: “Big, bad carnivores like to cuddle too, huh?“

Brand has defeated his sadistic brother and taken ownership of his Brood. He is now working to bring his Brood into the 21st century and stop the barbaric behavior they have been indulging in before they drive themselves into extinction. He is also trying to keep Gunni from fading into death. Gunni is still grieving over the violent death of the love of his life, Alice, and it is slowly killing him. When Gunni and Brand chance upon a deadly trapper who has caged members of the Brood, they also encounter Leo, a human who appeals to Gunni and his wolf in ways he has never felt before in a man. But Leo is a shamen and considered an enemy of the Brood. When Leo is hurt trying to help Gunni locate a missing brood member, Gunni heals him, initiating a bond of sorts, and suddenly the hole in his soul begins to close. Now Gunni must make a choice. Will he adhere to Brood tradition and let Leo go? Or will he follow with his heart and accept the healing love Leo can provide?

Marked by Oden picks up a few months after Broods Of Fenrir ended. Brand is struggling to bring his brood under control and dealing with some heavy personal issues with his mate, Dagny. Though we see Brand and Dagny, this installment focuses heavily on Gunni and a romantic relationship he embarks on; to the point where other subplots take a distinct backseat.

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