Thursday, March 7, 2013

I’m reviewing Slashback by Rob Thurman at Smexybooks


Slashback (Cal Leandros #8) by Rob Thurman
Urban Fantasy
March 5, 2013

Favorite Quote: “He touched my little brother-I stopped his heart. Seemed fair to me.“

Revenge is the name of the game when the past merges with the present. Supernatural crime fighting duo, Cal and Niko Leandros, have to use their deadly skills and talents to defeat an enemy from their past. As children, they came very close to falling victim to a serial killer. Though they defeated him, they are now faced with a much larger problem. The man they killed was merely a puppet for a much more dangerous and vicious killer-the legendary Spring-heeled Jack. Jack has never forgiven Cal and Niko for what they took from him. They owe him.

And he has come back to town to ensure they pay.

I am a huge fan of Thurman’s Cal Leandros series. Often, a series with a resolvable conflict in each book and no emotional or high impact cliffhangers to carry from book to book has a hard time maintaining beyond three installments, much less eight. Not so in here. This dark and dynamic urban fantasy series continues to not only maintain but exceeds the expectations of it’s fans.  Based on two brothers, one human and one not so human, this series has a wonderful Supernatural (show on the WB) vibe to it. Light on the romance but heavy on the bromance, this action packed series gives us more than a bang for our buck as Thurman send us headfirst back into the lives and adventures of Cal and Niko Leandros. Well-plotted and cast with characters that are strong and personable Slashback is filled with taut suspense, delicious betrayal, dry witty humor, and very dangerous antagonists. A fascinating read that captured me from page one.  Thurman does a fabulous job of exploring and continuously evolving the relationship between brothers Cal and Niko as they fight to protect each other and the good citizens of New York City.


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