Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Diana’s Hound (Bloodhounds #4) by Moira Rogers
April 23, 2013
Samhain Publishing, LTD

Favorite Quote: “Not having isn't the torment. Having and losing is. “

Nate Powell lived a fulfilling if not sedate life as an inventor until he was kidnapped, experimented on and turned into a hybrid-1/2 bloodhound and ½ vampire. He longs for death until a new arrival at Iron Creek peaks more than just his interest.

Diana is a rarity in the Bloodhound world as she is female. A fierce warrior who is unapologetic about her gender and sexual appetites, she is a conundrum for Nate.  Her attraction to Nate is ripe with both need and exasperation as he pushes her away out of fear yet pulls her back to him in his need to protect her.

When the answer to rumors that someone is selling women to vampires as unwilling blood donors is dropped in their laps, Nate and Diana make plans to go undercover and smoke out this rogue bloodhound. Soon, the pull of the new moon heightens the attraction between Nate and Diana, sending it spiraling out of control. If Diana and Nate can survive this job...will they accept their destiny or consign themselves to a fate worse than death?
I absolutely ADORE Moira Rogers’s steampunk/ pnr series-The Bloodhounds. In fact, I pretty much adore all their work. Diana’s Hound is an incredibly sexy, action packed story that will keep you glued to your e reader. Ripe with sexual promise and a tense storyline, this enchanting mixture of old and new sets the stage as we prepare to engage with our two explosive protagonists-Nate and Diana.

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