Monday, September 20, 2010

My Review of Riding The Night by Jaci Burton is at Smexybooks

Todays review is Riding The Night by Jaci Burton

Favorite Quote: “Take it easy, Teresa. It was just an orgasm, not world peace.”

When AJ and Pax decide to stop by AJ’s hometown while on vacation, AJ never expects to run into his old high school flame,Teresa. Teresa was heartbroken when AJ left her but got on with her life and now owns a large profitable biker bar. But the feeling are still there between them, simmering hot just barely beneath the surface. While catching up at the bar, a fight breaks out between rival gangs leaving one man dead and Teresa’s brother accused of murder. With Teresa as the only eye witness and no proof to clear her brother’s name, the three of them head to the annul bike fest in South Dakota to find the real killer.

Teresa is confused and titillated to find she is equally attracted to both AJ and Pax. A past trauma in her life leaves her guarded and unable to trust men. When AJ and Pax discover her secret they vow to help her heal anyway they can. In their arms, Teresa slowly discovers a feast of sensual delights and raging passions that binds the three of them in it’s intensity. But when love enters the picture; can it hold them together? Or will it tear the three of them apart?

Jaci Burton’s Riding The Night is a veritable feast for the senses. Mystery, suspense, and sensual delights all blend together perfectly in a delish contemporary story.Teresa, Aj, and Pax are all strong, intelligent, yet vulnerable characters.

AJ and Pax are partners in the Wild Riders gang, an undercover agency that infiltrates biker gangs. Both of them had similar upbringings and personalities that bonds the two of them in friendship. When they realize that they both are attracted to the same woman, it takes their friendship to a new level and they begin to “share” woman in sexual ways. AJ and Pax have commitment issues and are all about the fun and games of their escapades-as long as their willing conquests realize that love will never enter the picture. When AJ’s ex girlfriend Teresa enters the picture, Pax is immediately taken with her and AJ feels stirrings for her from their past together. But Teresa is still recovering from a traumatic event and the thought of being with 2anyone scares her to death.

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