Monday, August 15, 2011

5 things for Monday

Eminem and Royce Da 5’9 with Skylar Grey headlined at Lollapalooza in the Windy City this weekend and I heard they brought da house down!
On a sad note, Dreamworks nixed Eminem’s comeback film Southpaw. Speculation is that there have been just to many boxing movies in the last few years.
Boooo Dreamworks!






Lady Gag stunned the world by showing up to dinner looking, well, normal. Dressing in Versace’s Fall 2011 collection dress and accessorized with black pumps, gold jewelry, and a tiny clutch…I have to wonder…is this REALLY Lady Gaga. Sources say yes it is. What do you think? Yea or Nay?





Ok. So everyone remember the HUGE stink Kim Kardashian made about Old Navy and is suing them, claiming they knowing using a young lady who looked remarkable like her to increase their sales. Go here for details.
Well, apparently, the shoe is on the other foot and now the Kardashians and Sears have some ‘splaining to do.


Monica Botkier, designer, noticed that her "Clyde" bag looked almost identical to one of the Kardashians' designs (the real Botkier is on the left). Ms. Botkier don’t play neither. Fashionista reports that Botkier has sent Sears a “cease and desist” letter and is seeking help from the CFDA's "You Can't Fake Fashion" campaign against counterfeiters. Sears has since removed the offensive bag.





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Gots me a new printer and some new hamsters.

The printer is an HP Desktop 3050 All In One Wireless. Wooooohoooo.
On sale at Walmart for $50 bucks.  Had no problem hooking up the wifi though they do send along a usb cable if you need to connect via computer. It comes wrapped in an oversize totebag.

I will be attempting to connect ipad and laptop tomorrow. :P


AND………………………………………here are the hamsters.

Aren’t they CUTE????



They are called fancy dwarf hamsters. Only 2 weeks old, we adopted these 3 siblings from Petco. T couldn’t stand to separate them. *sigh*
Very friendly little buggers though. My kid named them ketsup, mustard, and relish. LMAO. She said that way she didn’t have to figure out who was male or female.

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Pamela {Spaz} said...

Eeep! figure out the genders of the hamsters ASAP and separate or you're gonna have a lot more than 3 later on!!! I LOVE hamsters!!!! They are adorable and the names are too :P