Monday, August 22, 2011

5 things for Monday

Kid went back to school today. She was 1 part excited and 3 parts unhappy.

KMM Fever Series + Disney= a possible WTF???

Having read the entire Karen Marie Moning Fever series, I have to honestly say I don’t see a good outcome for this. While I’m happy that Ms. Moning received this fabulous offer, I just don’t know. One, the books are very dark, violent, and sensual. Hello-PYI-RA?? Two, Disney? Really? Actually it’s Dreamworks that picked it up as they are looking to open a fantasy division that can produce similar successes like Harry Potter and  Lord of the Rings. Still, I just don’t see how the books will translate well to film. I mean book 4, chapter 4??? Hello? I’d pay BIG to see that on the big scene but Dreamworks doesn’t do porn as far as I know. And that is pure erotic OMG wet panty porn. I guess, I’ll just have to wait and see. I will add that if I had a choice on who to cast for Jerico Z.Barrons, I’d say Eric Etebari. YUM!!!!



Kim Kardashian ties the knot.

Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian married Kris Humphries on Saturday in a wedding estimated at $20 million dollars. TWENTY MILLION DOLLARS! Holy waste of money batman. The rings alone cost a cool $2 million. I seriously cannot imagine spending that much money on a wedding. Hell, I can’t imagine spending that much money on anything. Ah well, I wish them all the best.


I don’t need this &*^%^$

Floridians are being told to keep an eye on Tropical Storm Irene, which could strengthen into a hurricane and strike the state on Thursday, the National Hurricane Center said.

Nearly all the Florida peninsula lies within the path predicted for the five-day forecast, the Florida Emergency Management agency said Sunday in its emergency update. Irene is expected to move into the Florida straits on Wednesday or Thursday and then move over southern Florida early Friday.

EEEKKKK!!! As Antonio Dobson would say, “Hide your kids, hide your wife and hide your husband!”


One of my picks for 2011 book of the year

The Rift Walker (Vampire Empire, Book 2)

I finished The Rift Walker by Clay & Susan Griffith this weekend. The 2nd installment of this mind blowing Vampire Empire saga; this one is even better then the first of the series The Greyfriar. Though I will be reviewing this in September for smexybooks, my advice is to NOT to miss this series. A wondrous horrific gothic fantasy tale of vampires, their human prey, a war to end all wars, and a love affair that defies convention.


Mandi said...

8 more days until kids go back to school. Will I make it Tori??????

NOT happy about Fever movie. No no no!!! Don't want.

Kim K. is ridiculous. Makes me gag kinda.

I hope the weather stays nice for you!! and so awesome about book 2 in the Vamp Empire series!!!!

Tori said...

Mandi-8 more days? (holding you tightly) I hope the weather stays nice too. lol Though models are now showing Irene shifting to the right and travling the cost so you may have to buckle down too!

Dani K said...

Hi Tori,
Yeah, the hole Barrons/Disney combo is a no no... Major WTF combo. That Etebari guy would be perfect, Henry Cavill - the new Supermann guy - would be great too, but I would like to see it adapted by the HBO team that did GOT, that would be perfect, very true to the story and with no fear of showing the dark side of the characters and plot...

Tori said...

Dani-I agree. HBO would be a better venue to showcase this series. I LOVE Harry Cavill. Such a sexy man. RAWR!