Monday, September 26, 2011

I’m reviewing Gena Showalter’s The Darkest Surrender at Smexybooks

The Darkest Surrender  (Lords of the Underworld, #8)


The Darkest Surrender (Lords of the Underworld #8) by Gena Showalter
Paranormal Romance
September 27, 2011

Favorite Quote: “ to take an insult the right way, damn it!”.

Possessed by the demon of Defeat, Strider cannot lose a challenge without suffering unimaginable pain. For him, nothing stands in the way of victory. Until Kaia, an enchanting Harpy, tempts him to the razors edge of surrender. Known among her people as The Disappointment, Kaia must bring home the gold in the Harpy Games or die. Strider is a distraction she can’t afford because he has an agenda of his own; steal first prize, an ancient godly artifact, before the winner can be named. But as the competition heats up, only one prize will matter; the love neither had thought possible.(Goodreads)

There are some spoilers in here so proceed at your own risk.
The Darkest Surrender is Strider’s story. Strider houses the demon Defeat-a particularly nasty demon who demands winning at all cost or Strider suffers unimaginable pain. Even though Strider is very arrogant and alpha to the extreme, thanks to his demon, in here we see a different side to him. His crazy personality and off the wall humor really shines through and I found myself liking him more then I ever did in the previous books. At the end of The Darkest Secret, we learn that Strider has a teeny crush on Hailee, Amun’s girlfriend, and that Kaia slept with Paris. When Kaia runs into Strider she realizes that he is her consort but Strider wants nothing to do with her and while Kaia could take him against his will, she chooses not to. She wants him to come to her willingly because defeating him would hurt him. Strider also wants Kaia but she constantly challenges him and he fears what he would do to her in order to win.

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