Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I'm reviewing dee Carney's Hunger Awakened at Smexybooks

Hunger Awakened by Dee Carney
Paranormal Erotic Romance
March 5, 2013
Carina Press

Reviewed by Tori
Favorite Quote: “This keeps getting better and better. Not only do I have wings, I have snotty wings.“
Sebastian (Bast) Kent has always been considered an outcast in the vampire community. Unsure who sired him, Sebastian has struggled his whole life with his identity. When he becomes violently ill outside of a bar, he is rescued by a young homeless woman named Alice.
Alice Bowman lives on the street as a victim of circumstances. When she sees Bast getting violently ill she can sympathize due to her own illness and risks her life to take him to safety. Bast is attracted to Alice and hires her against his better judgment, to help him trace his genealogy to discern the reasons for his mysterious illness. An illness that only dissipates beneath the cool touch of Alice’s touch and kisses.
As Alice and Bast explore their growing passion, Bast’s mysterious illness morphs into something incredible and dangerous. So dangerous in fact that certain individuals will stop at nothing to ensure Bast never recovers…even if that means death.
Hunger Awakened is a hot and steamy erotic paranormal romance. Dark and sensual, it is balanced by touches of humor and whimsy that allows for a fast paced read. Easy to follow, the world building and character development allows us to slip easily into this secretive and highly guarded world of vampires and the harsh politics that rule their domain. Though Hunger Awakened is connected to two other books (Hunger Revealed and Hunger Aroused) it readily stands on its own and reading the other two first isn’t necessary.

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